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The Port Welfare Committee of Andhra Pradesh is a registered non-profit organization established under guidelines of International Labour Organization (ILO) convention 163 and Recommondation 173 as mentioned in Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 4:4)

The Formation of the Port Welfare Committee of Andhra Pradesh:

During the International Committee on Seafarers Welfare (ICSW) regional program, The National Seafarers Welfare Board of India and Port welfare committees have been formed to promote and monitor seafarers’ welfare activities as per the guidelines of Maritime Labor Convention of ILO. Shri. M. P. Pinto IAS (Ex. Shipping Secretary, Govt. of India) and Dr. Suresh N Idnani Regional Director of ICSW have contacted port authorities and formed the Port Welfare Committee of Andhra Pradesh to promote Seafarers Welfare at ports of Visakhapatnam, Kakinada and Gangavaram in Andhra Pradesh.

The Objectives of the Committee:

  • To monitor and promote seafarers welfare ports
  • To Appoint Ship Welfare Officers and Executives to assist seafarers onboard at sea and in Ports.
  • To run seafarers welfare centers in ports of Andhra Pradesh
  • To provide Welfare, Recreational, pastoral care, spiritual support, medical and legal assistance to the seafarers visiting ports of Andhra Pradesh.

The Legal Status of the Committee:

The Port Welfare Committee is officially registered as Non Profit Public Trust with Government of Andhra Pradesh, India. The Port Welfare Committee of Andhra Pradesh implements seafarers’ welfare provisions as guided by the Maritime Labour Conventional on Seafarers Welfare including International Seafarers Welfare Assistance Network, International Labour Organization, Director General of Shipping, International Maritime Organization.

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